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Clean Your Pool 3X Faster With SkimDoctor™ 3.0!

Turbocharge your in-ground pool skimmer basket. SkimDoctor™ 3.0  works in the background, out of sight, automatically skimming your pool for you. Less pool cleaning time, more pool fun time. Get SkimDoctor™ 3.0 today. 

How SkimDoctor™ 3.0 Catches More Leaves, Bugs, and Floating Debris in Your Skimmer Basket

If you’ve ever seen white water rapids, then you’ll understand how SkimDoctor™ 3.0 works.

It’s called the Bernoulli principle. When you narrow the width of the water channel, the water moves faster. Much faster!

SkimDoctor™ 3.0 uses adjustable gates to narrow the channel of the water flowing into the skimmer basket. Then, by forcing the incoming water to flow around the tube in two directions, you end up with a 3X Bernoulli effect.

Translation: 3X the power to clean your pool with no extra effort on your part.

Works with all major brands of skimmer baskets

  • Hayward SP1082
  • Hayward SP1070
  • Swimquip/Sta-rite U3
  • Intex 18949
  • Baker Hydro B136/51-B-1026
  • Pentair B43/513036 Basket
  • Skim Pro (all 3 models)
  • Pentair Pac Fab Bermuda
  • Astral 05280R0400
  • Waterway 542-3240
  • Waterco S75
  • Waterco SP5000
  • Poolrite S1800

Why Pool Owners Choose SkimDoctor™

Easy to Install