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FloDoctor™ is a line of water flow management products for your home. The first of these is our Splash Guard. Protect your house foundation today.

Splash Guard

FloDoctor™ SplashGuard Gutter Downspout Extension | Rain Gutter Water Diverter for House Gutters | Easy Install Splash Block Water Diverter with Plastic Securing Stakes | 2-Pack | Black | 23″ Length

  • Gutter Downspout Splash Block: The FloDoctor™ SplashGuard is a must-have for any household dealing with regular and heavy rain. Measuring 23 inches long this extra-long tray design acts as an extension to your rain gutter, helping to direct water flow away from you home or building and prevent potential issues such as flooding.
  • Secure and Easy-Installation: SplashGuard by FloDoctor™ can be installed in moments with its convenient design. Align the two pieces of the rain gutter SplashGuard and press until each side clicks. Place the completed gutter drain tray underneath the gutter downpipe pointed in the direction of your choice away from your house. For added stability, use the included plastic stakes to secure SplashGuard into grass or dirt.
  • Avoid Foundation Damage: By diverting rain and melt water away from your house, our gutter downspout SplashGuard helps to avoid flooding and even potential damage and erosion to your house foundation. The rain gutter splash block can also help keep your yard free of pooling water causing puddles, excess mud, and garden flooding.
  • High Quality Manufacturing: Each FloDoctor™ SplashGuard water diverter is manufactured from strong and durable plastic, designed to help you keep your house, yard, garden, and more safe from damage, flooding, pooling, and clogging. The material does not rust and is resistant to color fading.
  • 1 Pack of Black Splash Blocks: Included are one (1) of the black FloDoctor™ SplashGuard splash blocks for gutters downspouts and four plastic securing stakes. The sleek black gutter SplashGuard is an attractive home add on water diverting solution, which won’t distract from your beautiful home, yard, or garden. Keep your house foundation safe from excessive water build up, try SplashGuard.