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No assembly required. Simply place on top of your skimmer basket and you are done. 30 seconds from unpack to product installation.

SkimDoctor™ 3.0 uses several physics principles to create a vortex in your skimmer and increase surface water velocity. First, by forcing water to flow through SkimDoctor™’s narrow slots, SkimDoctor™ 3.0 increases the speed of the water in your skimmer. This phenomena is called the Bernoulli principle and also explains the flow of water in white water rapids.

In addition, the SkimDoctor™ 3.0 tube itself forces water to flow around the tube, thereby narrowing the water channel, and creating a second Bernoulli effect.

Because SkimDoctor™ 3.0 increases the speed of water, debris is drawn more quickly into your basket, which may allow you to run your pump less.

It’s important to remember that water velocity and energy savings are only some of the benefits of SkimDoctor™ 3.0. SkimDoctor™ 3.0 also prevents you from having to put your hand through all that gunk to remove the basket. SkimDoctor™ 3.0 also increases the storage capacity of your basket. (It is still a good idea to empty your pool basket frequently).

There is no wrong way to install the SkimDoctor™. In our preliminary tests, we have found that the SkimDoctor™ 3.0 works best when the SkimDoctor™ slots are to the left and right of the skimmer. For a good reference just point the SkimDoctor™ log on the tube to the front towards the pool water or to the back of the skimmer away from the pool water. because water will flow around the tube like water draining in a sink. Likewise you may need to do a small number of adjustments to find the best setting for your pool. See the next drawing for reference.

Remove the Skimdoctor™ 3.0 topper from your skimmer basket and then remove your skimmer basket to empty it.

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